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March 2010
 Welcome to our first Wildwalks newsletter. I hope you find it a good read and get a sense of what's going on in the world of Wildwalks.
At Wildwalks - new features, new sections, new walks
A Spotlight on...  Dharug National Park
A little about...  Where are my photos?
Somthing New...  CampHikeClimb, New books

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Wildwalks Update
March 2010
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At Wildwalks..
A spotlight on...
Dharug National Park
A little about...
Where are my photos?
Something New...
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Postcard From...
Mt Ettalong
Pearl Beach from Mt Ettalong
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"Wilderness is not a luxury
but a necessity of the human spirit"

Edward Abbey (1927-1989)

Take the time to check park closure information, before setting out on your next adventure. It is much easier to adjust your plans whilst still at home.

Welcome to our first Wildwalks newsletter. I hope you find it a good read and get a sense of what's going on in the world of Wildwalks.
Wildwalks BrochureAt Wildwalks...
We have been busy on the Central Coast, adding lots of new walks to the website. We were amazed at the variety and beauty in this region; so much so, we have put together our first book.  The book is currently at the printers, more about this in our next newsletter.

New Features
Every walk on Wildwalks now has;
  • a list of similar and near-by walks, in the 'Near by' tab, 
  • the walk's fire region and current fire rating, in the 'Weather and Park info' tab.
New Section
The newest addition to Wildwalks is a book review section. It lists NSW bushwalking guidebooks, and some other books about bushwalking, ranging from 1971 to 2010.  I have started with the books on my bookshelf, but plan to continue to grow over time.

New Walks
Check out our new (and some updated) walks on the Central Coast.
Brisbane Water NP, Dharug NP, Rumbalara Reserve, Norah Head, Katandra Reserve, Kincumba Mountain, Popran NP, Strickland SF, Munmorah SCA, Wyrrabalong NP.  We have also added a bunch of walks in the lower Blue Mountains around Springwood and Glenbrook.

We have entered a competition, please drop in and vote - thanks :)
A spotlight on...             Dharug National Park
Wisemans Ferry from Finches Line
I am still not sure why I love this place so much, but it really captured my imagination. I think it is probably the mix of ruggedness, history and ease of access. The park is near Wisemans Ferry, about an hour and a half north of Sydney and not too far from Gosford. Here you will find some great walks and campsites.

The main historic feature running the length of the park is the Old Great North Road with many bridges and buttress still in place. The park is defined by the rugged sandstone landscape and is alive with wildflowers in spring. There are a few high-tension powerlines that can ruin the wilderness experience, but I hope that you enjoy the park as much as I did.

My favorite walks where Grass Tree circuit(1hr), Devines Hill and Finchs Line circuit (4.5hrs) and Dubbo Gully and Ten Mile Hollow Circuit (via Clares Bridge) (10hrs - 2 days) NPWS Dharug NP page

A little about...              Where in the world are my photos?
Where in the world are my photos?
Ever looked back on your photo's and thought, hum where was that? Geotagging is a simple process that lets your digital photo remember where it was taken. This means that even years down the track you will be able to quickly place your photos on a map and say Ahh that's where that campsite was. Read the full article to learn how to do this with your digital camera.
Something New...
Newish Books
This is where we will announce new things happening in the world of camping and walking in NSW.

New Outdoor Store
Hornsby - CampHikeClimb: A new store servicing the north side of Sydney focusing on lightweight gear. They are just near Hornsby station, drop in and say g'day.

New(ish) Books
A few new books to extend beyond what we cover at Wildwalks

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Here is where I will try to answer your questions in the next edition. Feel free to ask anything related to Wildwalks, walking or camping in NSW. I am not going to start making questions up, so please email me your questions and I will try to answer them in the next edition.
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Next Edition...
I would appreciate you e-mails with news, photos, topic idea and questions. Please help make this something you look forward to reading :)
Thanks for reading, I hope that these newsletters prove to be helpful and a bit of fun. Please e-mail me with your thoughts and ideas for the future. Until then, happy walking.

Matt McClelland

Matt McClelland
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