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CB repeater callsign NEW06

UHF Duplex Channel: 6
Gencom Site 1 Sugarloaf Range via NEWCASTLE
NSW 2286, 56
Thanks to General Communications Pty Ltd for maintaining this repeater
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Technical info on Repeater

ACMA ID 7839-50883
Transmitter Frequency 476.5500000 MHz
Emission 16K0F3E
Licence Type 25954
Site Gencom Site 1 Sugarloaf Range via NEWCASTLE
Site Location 1 NSW 2286
Site Location 1 56
State NSW
Latitude -32.94611
Longitude 151.51444
Density of use Medium Density Area
Repeater Operator General Communications Pty Ltd
Coverage Local
CB channel 6
Device ID (ACMA) 50883
EIRP 21.00000

Antanna Info
Antenna Hieght above ground 0.00000
Transmitter Power 5.00 pY
Antenna polarity Vertical
Antenna gain .000 dB
Antenna beamwidth .000 degrees
Antenna front to back 0 dB
Antenna band UNDEFINED
Antenna size 0.00000
Antenna type Unknown antenna type, size or specifications
Antenna manufacturer UNKNOWN
Antenna model UNKNOWN

Licence Details
Licence type Land Mobile
Licence category CBRS Repeater
Call sign NEW06
Special Conditions
Advisory Notes
Conditions applicable to the operation of CBRS Repeater station(s) authorised under this licence can be found in the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Apparatus Licence) Determination and the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Land Mobile Licence) Determination. Copies of these determinations are available from the National Licensing & Enquiries Centre, ACMA, Canberra or from the ACMA home page (

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cj - -32.94611 151.51444 | 2008-04-18 15:08:51
[color=red]Needs to be more Powerfull.
it only 5.00 pY [/color]
Anonymous - re: -32.94611 151.51444 | 2008-04-18 15:10:41
Needs to be more Powerfull.
it only 5.00 pY
anon | 2009-03-14 23:38:39
good repeater access wise, but too many people trying to drown eveyone elce out!
channel 6 user - re problem | 2010-11-16 12:55:21
waste of time some operators are abusing the channel they should shut it down for good
Anon - ... | 2013-05-08 03:31:24
Repeater is too congested, overused and full of idiots. Needs to be switched off.
OFF AIR - OFF AIR | 2013-07-04 07:17:37
This Repeater is OFF AIRdue to continuous time-outs, carrier dropping and other rubbish, and will not be returning in the foreseeable future.

People had their chance to be civilised and use the Repeater as is it should be used and respect it, but they blew their chance. Looks like Newcastle will have no usable Repeaters soon!
Anonymous - Its Working | 2014-04-01 12:05:14
It's been revived but full of idiots again so probably wont be long before they kill it once again...
steady - user | 2014-06-29 07:25:15
Leave it off for good. Do the public a favour tear it down and sell it off. To some one that will use it right.
STEVE - TOO CONGESTED | 2014-07-08 10:33:18
anon - Issues | 2014-08-12 03:06:56
I attempted to use this fine repeater after hearing all the wonderful reviews about it. Unfortunately, I found the station to be lacking in common sense and dignity. I could not get a call out due to many idiots making animal grunting noises, transmitting sounds of them smoking bongs, speaking in profane/disgusting mannerisms and making fun of vulnerable people. This repeater needs to be decommissioned at once!
Bundy - turn it off now plz | 2015-07-23 14:51:26
its a waste of time eventrying to make a call on ch 6 newcastle its like a warzone due to many idiots making animal grunting noises, transmitting sounds of them smoking bongs, Looks like Newcastle will have no usable Repeaters soon!
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