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CB repeater callsign MER03

UHF Duplex Channel: 3
CB Repeater Site Hill 217 5 km NNE of WYNDHAM
Merimbula, NSW 2550
Thanks to PJ and BA O'Brien for maintaining this repeater
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Technical info on Repeater

ACMA ID 11920-51110
Transmitter Frequency 476.4750000 MHz
Emission 16K0F3E
Licence Type 44151
Site CB Repeater Site Hill 217 5 km NNE of WYNDHAM
Site Location 1 Merimbula
Site Location 1 NSW 2550
State NSW
Latitude -36.88750
Longitude 149.62139
Density of use Low Density Areas
Repeater Operator PJ and BA O'Brien
Coverage Local
CB channel 3
Device ID (ACMA) 51110
EIRP 21.00000

Antanna Info
Antenna Hieght above ground 0.00000
Transmitter Power 5.00 pY
Antenna polarity Vertical
Antenna gain 2.200 dB
Antenna beamwidth .000 degrees
Antenna front to back 0 dB
Antenna band VHF/UHF
Antenna size 0.00000
Antenna type Coaxial Dipole
Antenna manufacturer AEA
Antenna model 509

Licence Details
Licence type Land Mobile
Licence category CBRS Repeater
Call sign MER03
Special Conditions
1. The station must produce a continuous service. 2. No charges may be imposed by the licensee or their agent for the use of the repeater facility. 3. No transmission shall be made in the absence of a received signal. The transmitter must not be able to lock-on due to a malfunction.
Advisory Notes
Conditions applicable to the operation of CBRS Repeater station(s) authorised under this licence can be found in the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Apparatus Licence) Determination and the Radiocommunications Licence Conditions (Land Mobile Licence) Determination. Copies of these determinations are available from the National Licensing & Enquiries Centre, ACMA, Canberra or from the ACMA home page (

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Town Distance (straight line)
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Whipstick 7.5 km
Burragate 12.5 km
Tantawanglo 13.5 km
Yurammie 9.6 km
Rocky Hall 10.6 km
Mount Darragh 11.1 km
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Towamba 22.5 km
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Pambula 22.4 km
Panbula 22.4 km
Merimbula 24.8 km
Merrimbula 24.8 km
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Near by Outdoor stores

Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Camping Plus 6 Alice St , Merimbula (02) 6495 2571 25.8 km
Gas Connection The Arthur Kaine Drv, Pambula (02) 6495 7121 24.1 km
Barbeques Galore (Bega) 274 Carp St , Bega (02) 6492 4054 30.7 km
Snowy Camping World 106 Sharp St , Cooma (02) 6452 2729 85 km
Camping Outdoors Centre 43 Vulcan St , Moruya (02) 4474 3081 116.5 km
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