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Uloola Falls camping ground
Royal National Park 6 Campsites

General info

Getting there
Closest point to drive and park is on sealed roads, from there it is on foot to the campsite
30 km SSW of Sydney
GPS: Latitude 34° 6′ 30.96"S Longitude 151° 2′ 16.8"E (-34.10860, 151.03800)
Walk to the site along the Uloola Track, a bit south of the falls. The site is not far from the end of the management trail.

General Information
There is a long walk into this campsite
There are a total of 6 campsites
A maximum of 18 people can camp here. There is usually water available from the creek but it should be treated first before drinking. The campsite is well used, located in a small clearing near Uloola Falls. There is an opportunity to get wet in the creek and falls (swimming is limited to small water holes).

Bookings and contact information
You can book a campsite by phoning the Campsite contact
For more information contact the Sydney South (Royal National Park) Camping bookings office on:
Phone:(02) 9542 0683 (more contact details)

Camping fees apply
Adult=$5 Per Night
Children=$3 Per Night
Car entry fees apply
Vehicle=$11 Per Day

Children rates apply to people aged 5-15 years (children under 5 are free)

Pit or composting toilets are available
No showers are provided on site
No drinking water onsite - bring your own water
Picnic Tables
No Picnic tables or shelters are provided on site
Pit fire BBQs
Wood fired BBQ's are not provided
Electric of Gas BBQs
Gas or electric BBQ's are not provided
Rubbish Bins
No rubbish bins provided - take your own rubbish with you
This is a Fuel Stove only area, solid fuel (eg wood) fires are not permitted at any time. Gas stoves may be used, but be aware of local fire bans.

There are places to swim

Nearest known Camping Stores
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Engadine Disposal & Outdoor Centre Pty Ltd 1042 Old Princes Hwy, Engadine (02) 9520 3367 5.3 km
Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment 587 Kingsway, Miranda (02) 9525 6829 10.2 km
Boots Great Outdoors 23 Koonya Cct, Caringbah (02) 9542 8988 11.7 km
Onrope 11 Nelson Ave, Padstow (02) 9709 6299 19.2 km
Hurstville Disposals & Outdoor Centre 235 Forest Rd , Hurstville (02) 9580 4445 16.8 km

Photo Gallery

The toilet at Uloola Falls Campsite
The toilet at Uloola Falls Campsite +
Clearing at Uloola falls campsite
Clearing at Uloola falls campsite +
The sign at Uloola Falls campsite
The sign at Uloola Falls campsite +

CLearing +
Waterfalls +
Uloola Creek
Uloola Creek +

Maps of campsite

Locality Map

Local area Topographical Map
Map Scale 1 km
Location of Uloola Falls camping ground
Map of Uloola Falls camping ground
Base map is used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

User Comments

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munky - you dont know | 2008-12-28 08:34:51
you dont know much DO YOU ..not sure about swimming there

OBVIOUSLY u have never been there and these are the correct prices JERK? :twisted: :roll:
admin - re: you dont know Super Administrator | 2008-12-28 15:30:36
munky wrote:
you dont know much DO YOU ..not sure about swimming there

OBVIOUSLY u have never been there and these are the correct prices JERK? :twisted: :roll:

Hi Munky
Thanks for you feedback. I am sorry that you think i am a jurk. I have been to the campsite, hence the photo. The lack of info on the swimming is simply an oversight, I have now updated this. The difference in prices is a typo, I have now updated this and will check others for typos when I get back to the office. This website is primarily about bushwalking, and the camping info has got a bit less attention, I hope to make some improvements early in the new year. I appreciate feedback and ideas that will help improve the quality of the service.
(I have also noticed that the topo map is not displaying, again I will fix this when back in the office)

Happy new year

Matt :)
Aimee - Awesome spot | 2009-01-08 20:38:18
munky wrote:
you dont know much DO YOU ..not sure about swimming there

OBVIOUSLY u have never been there and these are the correct prices JERK? :twisted: :roll:

Wow, what an arsehole! :lol: I think this is a great website...

This is a really beautiful spot, you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere and only a few Kms from the station.
69thstranger | 2009-06-15 08:31:41
I use this website whenever I plan a trip and is a great source of info. keep up the good work and yep what a w**k*r
fail munky - hahahahaha | 2009-07-06 23:39:33
FAIL, fail.
di551 - dont be discouraged | 2009-12-11 04:19:29
I appreciate all the this website does, please don't be offended by the above comments. I was quite affronted when I just read the jerk part.

we are all too polite and should tell an arsehole he or she is an arsehole.
james - its a good website | 2010-02-08 05:34:01
keep up the good work, this website is better than the national parks nsw website :) i always refer to this website for information. dont let a few idiots make you think this website is bad :) cheers
jay | 2010-10-10 10:13:51
how long a trek is it to get to the site?
admin - re: Walk in Super Administrator | 2010-10-13 05:19:19
jay wrote:
how long a trek is it to get to the site?

Hi Jay
About 5km from Heathcote station (but you can come in from several places)
These notes might help
Matt :)
Greg - Just been there | 2011-01-14 08:13:12
Just got back from camping at Uloola with my 7-year-old daughter. We walked in from Heathcote - it is a pretty tough trail for a little girl but she made it without complaining. The walk out to Waterfall was much easier - 6 km on my GPS which we covered in 1h40m. We didn't see a soul from the time we left Heathcote until we got to Waterfall - great peaceful camping spot.
The brook was good for wading and we also found a whole bunch of yabbies in there. Watching them feed and fight for territory was a real highlight.
The only disappointment was not being able to get to the bottom of the big falls to get a good look and maybe swim underneath. Does anyone know if there is a trail down there?
BTW - great website - wouldn't have done this trip with my daughter without the info that I found here.
admin - re: Just been there Super Administrator | 2011-01-17 01:21:30
Greg wrote:
Just got back from camping at Uloola with my 7-year-old daughter......

Good Work Greg, sounds like a great time. We did not find a clear track down. There was a faint track down but it way looked to dangerous, so I did not try it (I suspect it was erosion and not a track). There is a small waterhole a bit upstream, no view of the waterfall, but a deeper pool.
Matt :)
Baloo | 2011-08-31 10:58:08
I'm a Scout Leader and have just stumbled upon your site - fantastic resource - THANK YOU!
CDL - CDL | 2012-09-04 01:34:20
Hi All,

I just wondered how clearly marked the tracks are into and out of this spot from Waterfall. I don't have much bushwalking experience and wonder if there is any danger of getting lost.

CDL - CDL | 2012-09-04 01:41:48
Sorry, never mind, I've reviewed the bushwalking section of the site. Sorry, new here and don't know how to delete the previous post.

konkrite - i agree with earlier post befo | 2012-09-16 01:14:49
Cant remember her name
who wrote earlier on
but toilets do need fixing at waterfall
alot of rust on air rator and it's broken
and falling off

and no footpath next to roadway
so its dangerous to walk to uloola falls
and track is great you wrote admin
but it has so many rocks that hurt the feet
along the track
so walking road might be my only option
and could someone frm forestry service/i.e ranger please build some wooden seats along waterfall track to uloola falls

... Seriously my old legs cant walk that far
and carrying portable chair is hard to do
Through out long long track
i wish they built a straight track
and not a wiggly like one. lol

p.s any reply admin on this
is welcome and appreciated
konkrite - i wrote in this area | 2012-09-16 04:42:51
I wrote in this area as well
not too many replies in this section
of same website
so was hoping to get a reply here to my post
above ...cheerz mr konkrite
admin - toilets Super Administrator | 2012-09-17 00:26:45
I have passed peoples concerns about the toilet onto the lovely people at NPWS. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Matt :)
are you kidding troiks - to troik and others | 2013-01-11 02:26:45
troiks ya must be joking
uloola and karloo pools close to station must be smoking
something seriously or you were in wrong area?

6.6km and 5.5km and 4.5km between karloo pools and on travel brochures it says its even longer
than the signs tell you.

so either signs are wrong or brochure is...most say pleasant walk
on this trail everyone kidding
karloo track to pool is hilly and then alot of rocks before pool
...which damages the knees and legs..
..unless you rest.
And signs none existent/destroyed/or wrong way round
cause of idiots destroying them

going on to uloola falls walk from karloo pools is'nt bad
coming back from ulools
falls to waterfall station
is the worst
the fire trail is
full of big n small rocks
which hurt feet
unless you waste
big money on stupid hiking boots
and not much shade
or seating you will be burnt to a
a crisp....thank god
some trees have grown back
but still an arduos walk
bring lots of water
or ask someone for water
and mobile phone
...not many people on track if lost
You will die out there
at least forestry service could
make the fire trail concrete except
for the rest of the bush
so firetrucks could get there faster
and peoples legs wouldnt hurt frm such a long long walk and put a safety phone at least a couple of k's each one..enabled to a gps system
by the track
so you could call out and be rescued

..unlike those dumb german tourist
who got lost and nearly dehydrated last time
....and a couple of wooden seats along the track back to waterfall station
from uloola falls
...These would HELP alot.
Thank you

p.s troiks YOU must have a car
cause no one else says uloola falls
is close to waterfall station
you were on the other side.
jasmine | 2013-05-31 02:14:48
Did this walk
Yes its very long and rocky
Will hurt your kids feet
After the walk
But it is bushland.
just wish they had more entraces to uloola falls
Via the roadway
heading back to waterfall station
Takes forever
Especially uphill
Take plenty of socks
For blisters on your feet
You`ll get .
And water
And mobile phone/cell phone
Seriously you will need this in that place
..not much reception in different areas there

Only do it every two yrs
Your legs feel dead after this walk
..very sincerely jasmine
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