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Gentlemans Halt camping ground
Marramarra National Park

General info

Getting there
Closest point to drive and park is on sealed roads, from there it is on foot to the campsite
46.7 km N of Sydney
GPS: Latitude 33° 28′ 1.632"S Longitude 151° 9′ 7.632"E (-33.46712, 151.15212)
Drive to the end of Canoelands Road (off Old Northern Road) to the locked gate. The campsite is about 8km walk down the Canoelands Ridge trail, on the shore of the Hawkesbury River. Alternatively, enter by boat.

General Information
There is a long walk into this campsite

Need to carry you own drinking water in.

Bookings and contact information
You are not able to book these campsites - first come basis
For more information contact the NPWS Sydney North (Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park) office on:
Phone:02 9472 8949 (more contact details)

Free Camping - no camp fees apply
Adult=$0 Per Night
Children=$0 Per Night
No car entry fees apply
Vehicle=$0 Per Day

Pit or composting toilets are available
No showers are provided on site
No drinking water onsite - bring your own water
Picnic Tables
No Picnic tables or shelters are provided on site
Pit fire BBQs
Wood fired Pit BBQ's are provided - bring your own wood
Electric of Gas BBQs
Gas or electric BBQ's are not provided
Rubbish Bins
No rubbish bins provided - take your own rubbish with you
Fires are generally permitted at this campsite, be aware of local fire bans.

There are places to swim

Nearest known Camping Stores
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Mannings Sports 172 Mann St , Gosford (02) 4325 1617 18.2 km
BCF Australia Pty Ltd 354 Manns Rd , Gosford West (02) 4322 5833 17.8 km
Camping World Shop 18, 482 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming (02) 4324 6515 19.5 km
Boots Great Outdoors 201 The Entrance Rd , Erina (02) 4367 0396 21.8 km
Kathmandu 236 Pacific Hwy (Westfield), Hornsby (02) 9476 1399 26.9 km

Park information

Marramarra National Park Check for park closures and fire bans

Cost to drive a car into the park (if you do not have a valid pass)


Camping is available in the park


Public toilets are available in the park

Region: Sydney & Surrounds
Park fees

Campsites in Marramarra National Park
Gentlemans Halt camping ground
Marramarra Creek camping ground

Maps of campsite

Locality Map

Local area Topographical Map
Map Scale 1 km
Location of Gentlemans Halt camping ground
Map of Gentlemans Halt camping ground
Base map is used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

User Comments

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the boat people | 2009-03-25 22:17:02
A fun way to get to this camp site is by canoe or kayak. There is a small jetty by the river with the camp site up an embankment. When we were there the site had a pit toilet and no fresh water.
Adam - Lost | 2009-12-19 10:12:54
ACCESS FROM THE WATER ONLY! We hiked in to camp at Gentleman's Halt in Dec 2007 so maybe different now. The hike in is about 8km and not flat, which was fine. The first 6km is relatively easy as it is pretty much a dirt road. After that there is only a general direction indicated and no visible track. We fought our way down to the water the only way we could find through the scrub then followed the waterline around to the capsite, hoping that the trail would be easier to find from the other end. The last 2km took about 3hrs. Unfortunately there the trail from the campsite only goes 100m or so before disappearing too. Luckily there was a family camping there who came in by boat and they kindly offered us a lift across the river the next day to Spencer where I was able to call my brother to pick us up and take us the 2 hour drive back to where we started. Otherwise we were gonna have to hail a boat from the river or swim aross.
Jeff - Trail needs some work | 2010-01-06 06:19:32
A group of 4 of us hiked in. It's about 8km along the fire road which is steep in some sections but still a road so relatively easy. The last 2.2km it turns into a path and this is where the fun/trouble begins. At first there's 500m as you work your way on a relatively well marked trail. Then at the edge is a 300 meter steep descent along not much of a trail marked by an occasional pile of rocks. At the bottom the trail continues. After hitting a T (turn right, no idea where left goes), you continue on for several hundred meters and hit a clearing with the remnants of a campfire. Although it looks like the trail goes straight (spent about an hour trying to follow the non-existent trail) there are 2 yellow ribbons to the right illuminating a trail marked by blue ribbons. After about 1km a sign indicated only 800 meters to go. This last 800 meters in completely unmarked and large amounts of brush hide the trail. On the way back I marked the trail with ribbons as best I could from a pink garbage bag, if those are gone just follow the edge of the mangrove swamp from that point and you'll get to gentlemen's halt.

Long story short it's a good challenging hike if you know the trail and where the dead ends are. Hopefully these directions should get you there.
Tyson - Still no change | 2010-12-22 05:33:48
I managed to walk in yesterday but didn't have a hope of walking back out. I waved down a passing boat that took me to Spencer. I think the 10km moderate walk sign at the start of the track is misleading.
Mirabelle - Swimming? | 2011-09-24 10:58:01
Hi, Does anyone know if you can get a boat to go to this campsite from anywhere? Am thinking of going with the kids (4 and 6). Is the river fast flowing here, can they play/swim in the water?
Thanks, Mirabelle
STAVROSKI - re: Swimming? | 2011-12-06 01:20:21
Mirabelle wrote:
Hi, Does anyone know if you can get a boat to go to this campsite from anywhere? Am thinking of going with the kids (4 and 6). Is the river fast flowing here, can they play/swim in the water?
Thanks, Mirabelle

Swimming ok, but with littli kids watch the tides, REALLY watch the tides. get there by boat no probs from anywhere along the Hawkesbury, nearest ramp would be Spencer i'd guess.
Kumar Rethnasamy - Difficult Walk but so Worth it | 2012-05-16 07:34:00
This campsite is so worth it but the trek into is tough. 1st 8km is up and down fire trail with lots of loose rocks and quite steep in sections but take it slowly and its not too bad. Takes around 3hrs comfortably. The next part is quite challenging as you descend down to the river, hard because its steep and slow but also track is not very well worn at all. This is where we got lost but that's because we did it in pitch darkness so where it will take 1.5hrs when you know where you are going, it took us 4hrs bush bashing a path. You need to do this part in daylight to avoid headache. We defintely did out fair share of trailbreaking - when you get to bank of the river - its quite tricky the last 800m as it is severely overgrown with weeds but if you head around the reeds it is not too bad but watch out for spiderwebs. The campsite is amazingly beautiful with its wide views and mountains off the Jetty. That made the trek all the worth while! :)
HG - Much improved | 2014-01-01 07:00:08
I was somewhat apprehensive about the walk based upon the above, however I can report that:
1. The notes by Jeff above are spot on.
2. As at the time of writing the difficult parts are marked by pink surveyor's tape. This has two benefits:
A. it is very easy to find your way; and
B. those who have ventured down have stuck to the same route improving the visibility of the foot pad where the trail disappears. Wouldn't want to do it at night though.
3. Careful if arriving or leaving the campsite at high tide as the low lying sections of the trail adjacent to the mangrove are partially submerged - although it was not difficult to get around.
4. Some weed control seems to have been done adjacent to the mangroves making this section much easier than reported above.
5. We rode the management trail section - not the best mountain biking ever (there was a fair bit of hike-a-bike up the hills), but at least the downhills and mild undulations were fast. It also made us pack very very lightly which was good for the walk. I got 7.6 km on the way out and 7.8 km on the way back (thanks Garmin). The start of the walking trail is very clearly signposted so you don't need to spend the entire ride/walk with your head in a map as I did. Took us 55 min on the bikes.
6. The walk section took 50 min.
All in all a very enjoyable adventure.
Mezza - Thanks for the notes | 2014-05-28 05:18:50
Just got back from overnighting at Gentlemans Halt. Used HG and Jeff's notes + topo map. The last section of the track is a delight - once you leave the firetrail (a tedious slog). The track is obvious with pink tape in all the tricky parts. Campground also looks like it has been mown and was very pretty.
Tom - Bike the whole way? | 2015-08-10 02:26:19
Hi HG thanks for the reassuring notes, was sounding a little daunting as i read down, i was planning on biking the whole thing, do you thibk it would be doable?
Tom W - Great spot - worth the effort | 2015-09-02 03:17:20
I've just come back from the halt. It was lovely, saw two HUGE sea eagles which must have an eyrie nearby. The site is level grassy, has pit dunnies and is in generally pretty good nick.

^Tom: You couldn't bike the last 2km due the steep descent off the ridge

NB: It's easy to miss the turn where the trail heads down to the right in the final 1km. Look for the mall fire scar and cairn on the right of trail. there is pink tape on the tree showing the trail leading down to the right

Cheers to the legend who put up the tape !

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