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Walk of the Month FAQ

  Walk of the Month


What is it all about?

Who is the National Parks Association of NSW NPA logo

  • The NPA is a non-government conservation organisation that seeks to protect, connect and restore the integrity and diversity of natural areas in NSW through campaigning, community activities and bushwalking.
  • As a bushwalking club they are proud of the fact they offer the largest bushwalking program in the Southern hemisphere! With over a 1000 walks a year across NSW lead by over 200 volunteers leaders there really is something on offer for all ages and abilities.

  • How do I book a free guided walk?
  • Read about the current Walk of the Month 
  • Fill out the walk registration form and a friendly person from the National Parks Association will contact you with more details.

  • Is it really free? (what is the catch)
  • The NPA is run mostly by volunteers, and is committed to protecting and improving natural places in NSW
  • The walk is provided free to help more people explore and better understand their natural environment.
  • An opportunity to join the NPA, but there is no obligation.

  • Why have a Walk of the Month?
  • The Walk of the Month is a chance to bring a focus on a specific area, and to build public awareness the walking opportunities in NSW.
  • This program is co-ordinated between the National Parks Association, and Wildwalks
  • We are keen to promote walking in Australia.
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