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Bushwalking track notes, photographs, maps and more for Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall) are found in each of the tabs below
Uloola Track
Time: 4 hrs 30 mins Walking time
Please allow extra time to rest and to explore
1 km SW of Heathcote
Length: 11.3 km Walk Length
As this is a One Way walk, the 11.3 km only includes the walking distance from the start to the end point
Royal National Park
Climb: 388 m Total Climbing
This walk has a total cumulative climb of 388 m, this is the total of the elevation gains made in each of the walks uphill sections
There is car access and parking near the start and end of this walk There is a train station near the start and end of this walk
Style: One way
Track: Hard

This pleasant walk takes you from Heathcote to Waterfall Station. This walk ventures into central Royal National Park along a well maintained bush track. The walk goes via a beautiful set of waterholes and rock flats at Karloo Pools. The walk continues to the peaceful campsite at Uloola Falls and then along a service trail, to Waterfall Railway Station. (open in app)

There are closures in Royal National Park
Today's Fire rating
LOW MODERATE (No fire ban)
  Bushwalking track notes photographs, maps and camping spots for Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall)

Map of Walk


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Map of Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall)
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Map Scale 1 km
Heathcote Railway Station
Int of Karloo Track and Wilson Pde
Heathcote Brook Bushtrack
Karloo Pools
Uloola Falls Camp
Int of Uloola Servicetrail and Uloola Brook Bushtrack
Int. Couranga Trk and Uloola Trk
Cricket Oval Eastern Gate
Starting point for this hiking track: Int of Wilson Parade and Karloo Track

Base maps are used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

Maps that cover the walk area (please always carry maps of the area)

Print a map and track notes here
 Otford 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-91294S 
 Port Hacking 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-91294N 
 Appin 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-90291S 
 Campbelltown 1:50 000 Map Series CW-90291 
 Port Hacking 1:100 000 Map Series 9129 
 Wollongong 1:100 000 Map Series 9029 

Photo Gallery

Just east of Heathcote
Just east of Heathcote +
The view from the top
The view from the top +
The Rockshelves at Karloo Pools
The Rockshelves at Karloo Pools +

Karloo Pools
Karloo Pools +
The view of the valley between Karloo Pools and Ulloola Falls
The view of the valley between Karloo Pools and Ulloola Falls +
The clearing just south of Ulloola Falls
The clearing just south of Ulloola Falls +

The Ulloola Servicetrail
The Ulloola Servicetrail +
The Waterfall end of the servicetrail
The Waterfall end of the servicetrail +
The toilet at Uloola Falls Campsite
The toilet at Uloola Falls Campsite +


Cross sectional view of the Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall) bushwalking track

Cross Section of the Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall) bushwalking track

Analysis and summary of the altitude variation on the Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall) bushwalking track

Summary of the gradients over the the lenght of the Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall) bushwalking track

Overview of this walks Grading - Based on the AS 2156.1 - 2001
These details are new. This new feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the 'Walker Feedback' for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. Hope you find it helpful.

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.
Length 11km
Time 4 hrs 30 mins

Grade 4/6

Track: Hard
AS 2156.1 Gradient Short steep hills (3/6)
Quality of track Rough track, where fallen trees and other obstacles are likely (4/6)
Signs Minimal directional signs (4/6)
Experience Required Some bushwalking experience recommended (3/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (1/6)
Infrastructure Limited facilities, not all cliffs are fenced (3/6)
*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Some more detail of this walks Grading
Here is a bit more details explaining the grading looking at sections of the walk.
Around 8km of this walk has short steep hills, whilst the remaining 3km has gentle hills with occasional steps.

Quality of track
10km of this walk follows a formed track, with some branches and other obstacles and another 950m follows a clear and well formed track or trail. Whilst another 590m follows a rough track, where fallen trees and other obstacles are likely and the remaining 200m follows a smooth and hardened path.

6km of this walk has minimal directional signs and another 4.5km has directional signs at most intersection. The remaining (1.1km) is clearly signposted.

Experience Required
Around 6km of this walk requires no previous bushwalking experience, whilst the remaining 4.8km requires some bushwalking experience.

This whole walk, 11km is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation).

This whole walk, 11km has limited facilities (such as not all cliffs fenced).

Track Notes

Catch the train to Heathcote Station
Public transport (train) available to this Bushwalk Check out the facilities at Heathcote Station
You can phone 131500 (the transport info line) for up to date running times.
Use these links to plan your train trip to the end of the walk.
Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|
Drive to Heathcote Railway Station
You can drive or ride to this start of this Bushwalk There is free parking available.
You can drive or ride to the start of this walk
Use these links to plan your trip to the start of this walk.
Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

(0 km) Heathcote Railway Station to Int of Wilson Parade and Karloo Track
Track: Moderate - road
Length = 200 m Time = 3 mins
Climb = 1 m Descent = -2 m
From Heathcote Station, this walk heads south-east along Wilson Parade following the railway tracks. Shortly after passing the emergency services centre, the track comes to an intersection with a bush track signposted as the 'Karloo Track'.

(0.2 km) Int of Karloo Track and Wilson Pde to Karloo Pools
Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 2.58 km Time = 1 hr 6 mins
Climb = 87 m Descent = -222 m
Turn left : From the intersection of Wilson Pde and the bush track at the large sign saying 'Karloo Track', this walk heads east away from the road. Shortly after, this turns to the north and goes behind the Rural FIrefighting Station (Emergency Services Centre), then the track turns back to the east and continues along the bush track. Gradually this turns to the south and goes slightly downhill until reaching Heathcote Brook. Just after crossing the brook, the track comes to an intersection with another bush track.
Veer left: From the intersection, this walk heads east. The track gradually rises onto the ridgeline and there are some reasonably good views over the surrounding valley. The track continues east in this manner then begins to gradually drop down off the ridge along the slightly rougher bush track until reaching Karloo Pools. This would be a good spot to take a break and get your toes wet.

(2.78 km) Karloo Pools to Uloola Falls Camp
Track: Moderate - bushtrack
Length = 2.26 km Time = 45 mins
Climb = 125 m Descent = -47 m
Continue straight: From the intersection, this walk crosses Kangaroo Creek at Karloo Pools, then follows the 'Waterfall via Uloola Falls' arrow up the hill between the rocks and along the rocky bush track. The track climbs up the long hill for a while, then it flattens out for a short while passing a sign pointing back to 'Heathcote', before continuing up another long rocky hill to the top of the ridge. From the top of the hill, the track continues through the trees which quickly open out into scrub. The walk follows the yellow painted markers across all the rock surfaces, until it gradually starts to descend down the end of the ridge, steadily winding down until coming to a large flat clearing. Here, the walk turns right and crosses the Uloola Brook, then continues along the bush track heading away from the brook for a short while, passing the sign with arrows to 'Waterfall' and 'Heathcote' before coming to the 'Uloola Falls Bush Campground'.

Ulloola Falls Campsite Alt = 132 m
This clearing has six camping sites (maximum of 18 people), and wood fires are not allowed. The site has a toilet, and there is usually water in the creek (treat before drinking). In drier periods, contact rangers regarding water availability. Pre-arranged camping permits are essential.

(5.04 km) Uloola Falls Camp to Int of Uloola Servicetrail and Uloola Brook Bushtrack
Track: Hard - bushtrack
Length = 737 m Time = 17 mins
Climb = 54 m Descent = -7 m
Veer right: From the south-west end of the campsite, this walk heads south along the rough track, climbing slightly. This continues for approximately 150m until reaching a small clearing (marked with a post with a 'no camping' symbol). On the southern end of the clearing, the walk connects with a management trail, marked as the 'Uloola Fire Trail'. The walk follows the trail for approximately 530m until coming to an easy-to-miss intersection with a bush track (on your right), where the main trail bends fairly distinctly left.

(5.78 km) Int of Uloola Servicetrail and Uloola Brook Bushtrack to Cricket Oval Eastern Gate
Track: Hard - servicetrail
Length = 4.91 km Time = 1 hr 25 mins
Climb = 101 m Descent = -64 m
Turn left: From the intersection, this walk heads up the hill away from the bush track and clearing. The trail winds up the hill, then winds across the ridge with many large clearings on either side of the trail. The walk then heads in a southerly direction to the intersection marked by the 'Couranga Track' sign.
Continue straight: From the intersection, this walk follows the 'Waterfall' arrow along the sandy management trail. The walk heads up the short, gentle slope then continues along the flat for a while, as the surrounding vegetation slowly changes from scrub to a predominantly eucalyptus bushland before the track heads around a locked gate and comes to a cricket oval.

(10.68 km) Cricket Oval Eastern Gate to Waterfall Station
Track: Hard - bushtrack
Length = 587 m Time = 11 mins
Climb = 20 m Descent = -4 m
Veer right: From the intersection at the gate, this walk follows the right-hand edge of the cricket oval, coming to the intersection of a signposted bush track. The walk follows this track through the dense scrub, passing through some ferns before coming out behind Waterfall Station car park. The walk crosses the grassy clearing, heads through the gap in the fence and continues straight through the car park. The walk heads onto the road bridge, crossing the railway line to the ramp (which goes down onto the platform).

Catch the train from Waterfall Station
Public transport (train) available from this Bushwalk Check out the facilities at Waterfall Station
You can phone 131500 (the transport info line) for up to date running times.
Use these links to plan your train trip from the end of the walk.
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Drive from Waterfall Station
You can drive or ride from this end of this Bushwalk There is free parking available.
You can drive or ride from the end of this walk
Use these links to plan your trip from the end of this walk.
Plan your trip to --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

Getting there

Plan your trip to the start of the walk and back from the end of the walk

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Public Transport Timetables

To the start of the walk

Castle Hill
From the end of the walk

Castle Hill

Driving Directions
Map Car Shuffle
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Drive from:
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Near by

Campsites in the park
Bonnie Vale camping ground
North Era camping ground
Uloola Falls camping ground

Nearest know Outdoor Stores near the start of this walk
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Engadine Disposal & Outdoor Centre Pty Ltd 1042 Old Princes Hwy, Engadine (02) 9520 3367 2.6 km
Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment 587 Kingsway, Miranda (02) 9525 6829 10.6 km
Onrope 11 Nelson Ave, Padstow (02) 9709 6299 17 km
Boots Great Outdoors 23 Koonya Cct, Caringbah (02) 9542 8988 12.4 km
Jeffs Camping & Disposals Lvl2/ 444 Hume Hwy, Yagoona (02) 9708 5092 20.2 km

A list of the nearest UHF CB repeaters I found to Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall).
Channel Call sign
(more info)
Site Distance and dir from Uloola Track (Heathcote to Waterfall)
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1 SYD01 12/14 Ormonde Parade HURSTVILLE 16 km (to the NNE)
3 VMG3 Mine commsite WESTCLIFF COLLIERY 23 km (to the SW)
7 SYD07 7 Glamorgan St BLACKTOWN 35 km (to the NNW)
5 SYD05 Sydney Adventist Hospital 185 Fox Valley Rd WAHROONGA
Emergency use only
40 km (to the NNE)
4 RIV04 Fire Service Rusden Road MT RIVERVIEW 53 km (to the NW)

Weather and Park info

Fire Danger
This walk passes Greater Sydney Region fire area which currently has a LOW MODERATE rating and No fire ban in place.
(Tomorrow the Fire Danger Rating is LOW MODERATE, No fire ban.) (Downloaded 8 years ago)
Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate summary detailed weather and climate information here
°C (feels like °)
km/h from the
% humidity     (as at )
A graph displaying the average daily temperature range for the year

Royal National Park Link to official closures and fire bans page

Region: Sydney & Surrounds
Park fees Camping Facilities
Current Park Closure information for Royal National Park
Closure information last downloaded Sunday 27th of September 2015 07:00 AM
Closed areas: The Coast track upgrade
The Coast track will be undergoing construction works between Beachcomber Ave and Marley Beach over a 9 month period. Works include resurfacing, installation of raised board walk and stairs and will be undertaken between October 2015 and May 2016. During the works it will be necessary, at times, to close the Coast Track for visitor safety. Please be aware that during closures the full coast track walk will not be possible and you may need to plan your route to start and finish at a different location. The Royal National Park alerts page will be updated regularly so please check it before you leave home. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact Royal National Park area office on (02) 9542 0632 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Closed areas: Wedding Cake Rock
Access to Wedding Cake Rock is prohibited. National Parks and Wildlife Service has undertaken a geotechnical assessment of the rock, which found that there is high chance that it could collapse at any time. Safety fencing has been erected to protect the public while a more permanent solution is developed. This is a really beautiful location and a spectacular rock formation to look at, but the key is doing it at a safe distance from the edge.

Safety alerts: Audley precinct in wet weather
Access across the Audley Weir may be closed due to river flooding during times of wet weather. During wet weather, NPWS advise park visitors to visit Live Traffic NSW to ascertain the status of the Weir crossing before commencing their travel to the park. During times of closure, access to Bundeena, Maianbar residential areas, Royal National Park Visitor Centre, including the Audley Dance hall and cafe, is via McKell Ave Waterfall.

Walker Feedback

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troiks Registered | 2009-02-23 22:36:58
great little walk. we did it last weekend after the rains so there was a lot of flowing water, karloo pools were quite full.
we camped over night at uloola which is a nice spot & not to far from the station
starcee | 2010-01-10 21:41:39
Nice walk, we did this walk last weekend and it was a great little get away. We walked to Uloola falls camped overnight then walked back the same way to Heathcote. Karloo pools had loads of water so a swim was fantastic as it was a 35degree day.
Fabien - First part very good | 2010-03-05 23:48:02
One thing I can say is that the first part of the walk is very good!
Until Uloola falls it is great. The karloo pool is gorgeous and this is a very good place to swim.
I have to say that from Uloola falls to waterfall.... it is very different !
First we had some trouble to find the "easy-to-miss" track after the fire trail. And this track must not have been taken for ages as the growing vegetation is covering all the track. We have also been attacked by leeches on this track. And when you finally stop walking into those trees, the management trail is not very interesting (to my mind).

So if I had to do it again, I would definitely do it but I would stop at Uloola camp site and walk back the same way.
johnathon - walking heathcote to waterfall | 2010-05-31 22:41:17
it is a good walk from heathcote station to swimming hole but walking back to heathcote station..can be murder on the legs..especialy back up hill..walking to waterfall station will take twice as long..but still a good walk but alot of hills up n down before you get to waterfall station..also only reason there is a toilet at the end of waterfall because some old man b*****d and moaned to me ..about school kids/groups shitting on the track instead of going mre into bush area and getting lost..i said why complain to me write the ranger a he must of now there is a toilet there//like in the pics you put on your website..and lastly there are not many b.b.q pits coming back and only some in camping bring your own gas ones..during bushfire season
and there aren't seats along waterfall bushfire bring own portable chair with you..unless you like rocks or trees to sit on..during winter bring warm clothing temperature and again..could freeze you..if your stuck in gully areas and summer..not much shade..due to idiot who lit bushfires along time ago..on your walk back to waterfall station will find plaque/five white metal crosses dedicate to firefighters ..who lost their lives there..fighting the fires quite along time an interesting walk..but a long one..also any maps with how long it takes to walk ARE WAY WRONG...they dont put in how many gullys n hills and km's are wrong n i have walked it..your legs will be buggered without plenty or rest stops
hope this helps n thank you
cameron carter - about waterfall track | 2010-05-31 06:56:55
yes you are right johnathon ..not much shade..sometimes around some trees

but it is growing back now..thank god
..take plenty of drinking water
during summer as it can get quite hot..walking long distances before you actually reach might want to take water and soap..i realised this..when i touched a tree and couldnt get the bushfire soot off my hands
until i went to waterfall station wash my hands...if you dont have soap or like carrying in a case..i have found (SOAP2GO) GREAT..sheets of paper that turn into soap ..when you put water on them and rub hands together..less mess..from cluggy soap and i didnt have to dry the soap afterwards to put back into the bag..since its in sheet format..and not expensive either $2.95 at chemist..and they even have shampo/conditioner and even a shaving one..i was so happy

..also you could buy a big bottle of stuff and just put smaller amount in sample bottles ..if you want to save money..thank god for the product..i just needed i have gotten soot on my hands plenty of times ..trying to get around trees at
anthony - to cameron carter/johnathon an | 2010-05-31 07:20:34
yes i tried soap2go as well
..not bad at all..for 30sheets of soap paper format..i found it weird it at first ha ha lol

shampoo and condioner one u spoke of..
doesnt lather too well...but they are adaquete for a good clean of my hair
with amazed at this weird little product...

also johnathon comment
(i agree)
i'm 79 yrs old and there is no seating ..even wooden seats would be nice..every once so often along bushfire track of waterfall
and sitting on rocks aint great
..thanks for heads up johnathon on getting rest legs sincerely thank you

also signs are torn down by idiots i cant tell where i am,,sometimes except for big track

..and johnathon might of forgot to mention this..but u wont see many people there taking a mobile phone is a must
..some places might have black spots where you cant use a mobile/cellphone

..but down there not too many problems
..i can see the city from there ..even though its far away ..and we are still in good range
..and alot of planes fly overnite from they must have good communication or they wouldnt fly over it..without good your phone will work well at times

..its nice to watch them fly at night with their lights on...

thank god they are high u dont get too much noise and can still hear the nature/bird rock wallabys and maybe kangaroos bound at night
admin - Johnathon, Cameron & Anthony Super Administrator | 2010-05-31 22:37:50
Please take the last three comments with a grain of salt. Johnathon, Cameron & Anthony where all sitting at the same computer and wrote them one after the other. Also you will have noticed a very similar writing style. Can I discourage the use of soap, shampoo and Conditioner on walks. These can have a large negative impact on the local environment. If you do use a soap, make sure it is at least 100m from any water source. Better still buy an alcohol based hand wash gel, they do not require water.
gottlieb - i know them | 2010-06-20 08:09:56
cause they were walking together.
and using same laptop on the day i saw them.

Since they have gotten to know each other well over lst two years
(where as before they'd walk it individually)

i have seen them countless times

so i'd take there advice
way before i'd take your advice.

How about you walk it as much as they do
then i'll take your advice..Admin
(walk a mile in their shoes)

p.s yes seating is needed there
and thanks to geoff fer the toilet paper
(much appreciated bro)
Steve - Great intro to bushwalking | 2011-04-24 22:37:04
Did this walk a few days ago with kids (aged 9, 11). Part of the initiation to overnight bushwalks.

Very much enjoyed the walk from Heathcote to Uloola campsite. Had a swim at Karloo pools on the way and spent the night at Uloola - the campsite was very rocky and required significant effort to 'clean' the ground before the tent could be pitched.

We continued the next day - opting to go down the 'hard to miss bushtrack' - this was less enjoyable for the younguns due to significant overgrowth resulting in many scratches, leeches and general unhappiness.

However, spirits were soon restored when breaking through to the management trail and we continued uneventfully on to Waterfall.

A great walk across some varied terrain and not so hard as you might think... just stay away from the 'hard to miss bush track'! :-)
Becky - Great, but couldn't find trac | 2011-07-03 00:52:13
I walked from Heathcote down to Karloo pools and it really is beautiful. Had intended to keep going on to Waterfall, but as some others have mentioned, could not find the track at all! So rather than getting totally lost we just walked back up to Heathcote. Place itself is great, but track to go on to Waterfall from the pools is definitely not 'hard to miss'!
Spring - lovely | 2011-10-08 07:35:52
We just did this walk this morning. Heavy clouds but rain never came but it meant we had the walk almost to ourselves. This gave us time to enjoy the beautiful wildflowers (which will only multiply in the weeks to come). We did the walk in reverse (waterfall to heathcote station) and had absolutely no problem finding the track. Did the trip in 3.5hrs (including relaxed lunch at Uloola Falls). Can see why this walk is so popular in summer with the welcoming pools. What a great walk!
P.S. I absolutely agree with Admin, please please do not use soap in nature as it destroys the very environment we are out there to enjoy! there are plenty of other options (hand sanitiser etc) if you really need it.
CAC - south to north 2 November 2011 | 2011-11-04 21:53:31
Liked this in the opposite direction, as there's very little shade in the southern part and the (gorgeous!) pools were very welcome by the time I got there. Lots of different flowers along the way. I was glad I was wearing long pants, as there's a lot of scratchy plants intruding on the path. Took about 4.5 hours including lunch and a dip.
kathy - good walk...but | 2012-07-23 02:43:37
Good walk but hard on the legs
Due to many cocks on firetrail
(oops i meant rocks..sorry)
traction for firetrucks (i think)
But i wish theyed make it flatter
For us walking it
every couple of weeks
i and mums feet gett very sore afterwards.

And toilet at uloola falls (needs repairs badly)
(roof is still good)
But funnel to stop it frm smelling is rusted and falling off
should be repaired and sprayed with water resistant spray to stop toilet ABSOLUTELY STINKZ
and needs to be moved again.
Plus you need to bring own toilet paper.

And to spring/lovely
Hand sanistizer
..just wont do
i understand your worry about polluting water
but with soap
..just take water bottle with you and not use main sources of water unless necessaryPosted imagePosted image
...soap is needed ...trees burnt from fire yrs ago
doesnt come off easily without soap
Jules - Uloola creek sidetrack | 2012-09-02 22:02:22
Went the opposite direction and decided to take a small sidetrack which closely hugs the length of Uloola creek.
This doesn't appear on many maps but is shown on my GPS.
Parts of this trail seems to be no longer used and disappears for 10-20m at a time with bush bashing required.

Apart from that the main track is in good condition.
admin - toilet Super Administrator | 2012-09-17 00:25:51
I have passed peoples concerns about the toilet onto the lovely people at NPWS. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
Matt :)
dear troiks - Are you kidding troiks | 2013-01-11 02:06:32
troiks ya must be joking
uloola and karloo pools close to station must be smoking
something seriously or you were in wrong area?

6.6km and 5.5km and 4.5km between karloo pools and on travel brochures it says its even longer
than the signs tell you.

so either signs are wrong or brochure is...most say pleasant walk
on this trail everyone kidding
karloo track to pool is hilly and then alot of rocks before pool
...which damages the knees and legs..
..unless you rest.
And signs none existent/destroyed/or wrong way round
cause of idiots destroying them

going on to uloola falls walk from karloo pools is'nt bad
coming back from ulools
falls to waterfall station
is the worst
the fire trail is
full of big n small rocks
which hurt feet
unless you waste
big money on stupid hiking boots
and not much shade
or seating you will be burnt to a
a crisp....thank god
some trees have grown back
but still an arduos walk
bring lots of water
or ask someone for water
and mobile phone
...not many people on track if lost
You will die out there
at least forestry service could
make the fire trail concrete except
for the rest of the bush
so firetrucks could get there faster
and peoples legs wouldnt hurt frm such a long long walk and put a safety phone at least a couple of k's each one..enabled to a gps system
by the track
so you could call out and be rescued

..unlike those dumb german tourist
who got lost and nearly dehydrated last time
....and a couple of wooden seats along the track back to waterfall station
from uloola falls
...These would HELP alot.
Thank you

p.s troiks YOU must have a car
cause no one else says uloola falls
is close to waterfall station
you were on the other side.
Suzie - Last part of the walk is compl | 2013-04-08 01:31:37
We did this walk over Easter (2013) and really enjoyed it. The distances on the track notes were all slightly shorter than those that came up on my GPS, but mostly the track notes were pretty easy to follow.

A warning that the last part of this walk is completely overgrown and I would not recommend that you take it.

From here in the track notes --> The walk follows the trail for approximately 530m until coming to an easy-to-miss intersection with a bush track. The narrow track heads off to the right (south-west), as the larger trail turns left fairly sharply and starts to head uphill more steeply. This is the first major hill after the campsite. ---

It is *very* easy-to-miss. Although, we found it using our GPS with an electronic map. I sort of wish we hadn't because it was like hard bush-bashing. All the bushes and trees have grown back over the track and it slowed us down a lot and wasn't very pleasant. It doesn't look like the track has been maintained at all in recent years.

I recommend that you just stick to the fire trail and walk out to Waterfall Station using the fire trail.

Happy walking!!
dave | 2013-04-27 22:27:15
Completed the walk from Heathcott to Waterfall this weekend . We booked a site at Urlooa falls camping area, we left our car at Heathcott and hiked to Urlooa falls, only took us about 2hrs with a couple of 5 min stops alone the to get to Urlooa falls . The following dat we hiked back to Waterfall railway station , only taking about 2 hrs as well. We then caught the train back to Heathcott . Made for great short over night hike .
Anonymous | 2013-06-11 03:58:18
Great walk, found the track easy to follow.

Had a lovely swim in Karloo pools.
Richard - Great track for beginners | 2013-08-31 06:35:21
Took my girlfriend along this track today, she was pretty reluctant as this sort of thing normally isn't her cup of tea.

We did the track in reverse, starting at waterfall train station, ending up at Heathcote train station.

From Waterfall train station to Uloola Falls, you will find it very well sign posted and a very simple and easy walk, the track is clearly used as a fire break and by National Park staff to service the area.

From Uloola Falls to Karloo pools and onto Heathcote train station the track is a lot more narrow, which lots of up and down over rocky tracks, however we passed people who were clearly novice hikers, who were managing the walk with ease.

From Karloo Pools to Heathcote Train station it does become a bit more steep, but again pretty manageable.

We managed to complete the trail in 2hrs 40 mins, with several breaks in amongst that time.
Greg Julie - Nice to Uloola Falls | 2014-03-16 05:39:59
Did the walk today. After the rain yesterday there was plenty of water in Karloo Pool, thoroughly enjoyed the swim. Little steep leaving the Pool, but not too bad. Had lunch at Uloola Falls, the campsite there appears to be very rough. Walke the fire trail to Waterfall, really quite boring nothing to see but easy to follow.
Oliver - Very overgrown portion | 2014-04-27 22:52:09
Did this walk a few days ago with some friends. Heathcote to Karloo to Uloola campsite was fantastic. However the bush track mentioned in the track notes after leaving Uloola is incredibly overgrown. I would suggest not even bothering with it and just sticking to the management trail as it is incredibly thick scrub
Molly - Changed track notes | 2014-06-25 22:21:42
It might be worth mentioning that the track notes have changed. No longer do they follow the 'easy to miss' track several people are discussing above. They follow the 'easy to see' service trail, and the track notes after 5.04 at about the 'first major hill' and the 'larger track' are irrelevant (since all you see is the larger track, which is the service trail you follow all the way). A sensible decision - that bush track was really difficult to follow and you got scratched to pieces even if you could. Oddly, I couldn't find this walk when I searched for 'Waterfall' - I had to put in 'Uloola'.
admin - re: Changed track notes Super Administrator | 2014-06-26 09:54:21
Molly wrote:
It might be worth mentioning that ....

Hi Molly
Thanks for the feedback. I have updated the notes to make it clearer about what todo that that faint (now invisible) intersection. It was a bit confusing sorry.
I will try to get through the royal again this year to update these notes.
I have also update the text to make it easier to find in searches with 'waterfall' and 'Heathcote'. You might find this map more handy for searching for walks in the area.
I hope you enjoyed the walk. Happy walking.
Matt :)
NJB - Good Walk | 2014-09-29 01:01:36
Was a great walk, fairly easy, we generally did it in about half the time signposted, about 2 1/2 hours of walking all up. Karloo pools were great for a swim, and the waterfall was great.

Had no issues following the path, it was quite easy.

Hardest part was getting to the bottom of the Waterfall.
david | 2014-12-21 11:20:39
today 21/12/14 I just walked the Uloola track from where it leaves the Uloola fire trail at 34°07.308' S, 151°01.704' E,151.02840 (look for a yellow paint blob on a tree branch)to the karloo/Uloola trail above the Uloola falls and it was seriously hard work... very overgrown and often indistinct (looking at land forms, holes in bush and bent/cut twigs is heavy going), even with my GPS and satnav images some back tracking was needed in heavily overgrown areas, having said that though there are some really nice pools at:
1. 34°06.857' S, 151°01.809' E,151.03014 this one is chest deep...
2. 34°06.543' S, 151°02.112' E,151.03520 this one is 1+mtr
3. 34°06.543' S, 151°02.212' E,151.03687 waist deep...
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