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Audley to Gibraltar Rock
Time: 45 mins Walking time
Includes the time for the return leg
Please allow extra time to rest and to explore
2.8 km SSE of Loftus
Length: 2.2 km Walk Length
As this is a return style walk, the 2.2 km includes the return leg of this walk (ie back to the start)
Royal National Park
Climb: 55 m Total Climbing
This walk has a total cumulative climb of 55 m, this is the total of the elevation gains made in each of the walks uphill sections
There is car access and parking near the start and end of this walk
Style: Return
Walk: Easy

This walk starts at the historical and beautiful Audley picnic area and dance hall. Have a picnic or enjoy a coffee from the cafe, before wandering along the quiet public road alongside Hacking River. After heading around the locked gate, you walk along the old Lady Carrington Drive trail for about 450m to the Gibraltar Rock and lovely views over the Hacking River. Retrace your steps to enjoy another coffee and get back to the car. (open in app)

There are closures in Royal National Park
Today's Fire rating
LOW MODERATE (No fire ban)
  Bushwalking track notes photographs, maps and camping spots for Audley to Gibraltar Rock

Map of Walk


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Map of Audley to Gibraltar Rock
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Map Scale 500 meters
Audley Village car park
Audley Cafe
Commonwealth Pavilion car park
Eastern side of Varneys Bridge
Lady Carrington Drive gate (Willow Tree)
Starting point for this hiking track: Audley Village car park

Base maps are used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

Maps that cover the walk area (please always carry maps of the area)

Print a map and track notes here
 Port Hacking 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-91294N 
 Port Hacking 1:100 000 Map Series 9129 

Photo Gallery


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Passing Willow Tree
Passing Willow Tree +

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Please note: This is a 'return' style walk and therefore these graphs only show the terrain for the first half of the walk (until the turn around point.)

Cross sectional view of the Audley to Gibraltar Rock bushwalking track

Cross Section of the Audley to Gibraltar Rock bushwalking track

Analysis and summary of the altitude variation on the Audley to Gibraltar Rock bushwalking track

Summary of the gradients over the the lenght of the Audley to Gibraltar Rock bushwalking track

Overview of this walks Grading - Based on the AS 2156.1 - 2001
These details are new. This new feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the 'Walker Feedback' for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. Hope you find it helpful.

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.
Length 2.2km
Time 45 mins

Grade 2/6

Walk: Easy
AS 2156.1 Gradient Flat, no steps (1/6)
Quality of track Clear and well formed track or trail (2/6)
Signs Clearly signposted (1/6)
Experience Required No experience required (1/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (1/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (1/6)
*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Some more detail of this walks Grading
Here is a bit more details explaining the grading looking at sections of the walk.
This whole walk, 1.1km is flat with no steps.

Quality of track
Around 650m of this walk follows a smooth and hardened path, whilst the remaining 430m follows a clear and well formed track or trail.

This whole walk, 1.1km is clearly signposted.

Experience Required
This whole walk, 1.1km requires no previous bushwalking experience.

This whole walk, 1.1km is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation).

This whole walk, 1.1km is close to useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats).

Track Notes

Since this is a 'return' style walk once you have had enough of the walk, turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.
Drive to Audley Village car park
You can drive or ride to this start of this Bushwalk Parking fees apply in the area.
You can drive or ride to the start of this walk
Use these links to plan your trip to the start of this walk.
Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

Audley Alt = 10 m
Audley in the Royal National Park is where you will find the visitor information center, toilets, kiosk, boat shed (row boat hire), weir, water, BBQ's and plenty of picnic facilities. Take a step back in time and explore some of the preserved building like the old dance hall, enjoy wandering the grounds or grab an ice cream.

(0 km) Audley Village car park to Audley Cafe
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible - footpath
Length = 107 m Time = 2 mins
Climb = 4 m Descent = 0 m
From the Audley Village car park[fac=8091] (north of the buildings located at 2 Lady Carrington Dr, Royal National Park), this walk follows the 'Audley Dancehall' arrow on the 'Ironbark Flat' sign[1] along the concrete path[2] (toward picnic area and buildings). This walk continues along the path for about 70m, passing a series of seats[fac=8092] and a picnic area with 2 picnic tables[fac=8093][fac=8094] and 2 BBQs[3][4] to come to the signpost intersection[5] with another concrete path (leading toward the male and female toilets[fac=8090] up the stairs[6]). From the intersection this walk continues straight following the 'Audley Dancehall' sign[7] towards the building with accessible toilets[fac=8095], 'Royal National Park Visitor Centre'[8] with a shop[9] and the 'Weir Cafe'[10], beside the path.

Audley Picnic area Alt = 8 m
Audley Picnic area is a large grassy area[11] with beautiful views across the Hacking River. There are 2 picnic tables[fac=8093][fac=8094] with 2 sheltered double gas BBQs[12][13]. A few benches[14] are scattered around the area. Closer to the 'Audley Dancehall' building[15] there's a signposted toilet block[fac=8090] (just up the short staircase)[16].

Audley Cafe Alt = 8 m
'Weir Cafe'[17] is located at the 'Audley Dancehall' building[18]. The building is separated into two areas, one is the cafe[19] and the other one is the 'Royal National Park Visitor Centre'[20] with a gift shop[21]. Hot and cold food as well as drinks are available. Lunch meals range from about $15-25.

(0.11 km) Audley Cafe to Commonwealth Pavilion car park
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible - footpath
Length = 77 m Time = 1 mins
Climb = 1 m Descent = -4 m
Continue straight: From the cafe[22], this walk follows the concrete path (keeping the river on your right). This walk continues along the path for about 90m, passing 2 seats[fac=8096], the 'Currawong Flat and Varneys Bridge' sign[23] and the large sheltered 'Commonwealth Pavilion' picnic area[fac=8097][24] to come to a small parking lot[fac=8098] (just past the 'Currawong Flat and Varneys Bridge' postsign[25] and timber bollards).

Commonwealth Pavilion Alt = 7 m
The large sheltered 'Commonwealth Pavilion' picnic area[26] offers 19 picnic tables[fac=8097] and 4 single gas bbqs (high 90cm, grill area 43cm wide). From the picnic area there are beautiful views over the Hacking River and the picnic area. This is a great spot to see Cockatoos[27]. There is a cafe, information center, toilets and other facilities nearby.

(0.18 km) Commonwealth Pavilion car park to Lady Carrington Drive gate (Willow Tree)
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible - road
Length = 466 m Time = 9 mins
Climb = 18 m Descent = -11 m
Continue straight: From the car park[28], this walk follows the 'Currawong Flat and Varneys Bridge' sign along the asphalt road (away from the sheltered 'Commonwealth Pavilion' picnic area) toward[29] the timber 'Varneys Bridge'[30] (with handrails) over the Hacking River.
Continue straight: From the bridge, this walk follows the 'Willow Tree & Fig Tree Flat' sign[31] along 'Lady Carrington Drive'[32], keeping the river to the right. This walk continues along the road for about 290m past the 'Willow Tree Flat' sign[33] to come to a toilet block[fac=8099] (on the right). From the toilets this walk continues along the road for about 60m to come to a 'Y' intersection[34] with a 'Lady Carrington Drive' signpost[35] and locked gate[36].

Willow Tree Alt = 5 m
Willow Tree is a picnic area[37] in the Royal National Park. It is found on the south side of Audley, between the old Lady Carrington Drive and the Hacking River. The picnic area has a large shelter[38] with 4 picnic tables[fac=8100], an open grassy area[39], parking[40], BBQ's, tap water, garbage bins[41], recycling and toilets[fac=8099]. The picnic area stretches along the river bank and provides a lovely spot to stop and enjoy the park[42] .

Lady Carrington Drive Alt = 12 m
Opened in 1886 by Lady Carrington, this road was formally named 'Lady Carrington Road' (later changed to 'drive'), and started on the southern side of the then newly constructed Audley weir. The road became popular among people exploring the region. The road follows the Hacking River's east bank and then Bola Creek to Sir Bertram Stevens Drive. Much history has been preserved, with several drinking troughs still filling with water and many sandstone retaining walls still standing. The brooks that the old road crosses have been named using the traditional names of birds, the following is a list with the English name in brackets. Mullion (Eagle), Wurrul (Bee Eater), Burowa (Bustard), Karonga (White Crane), Gorra Worra (Laughing Jackass), Buralga (Native Companion), Kobardo (Parrot), Birumba (Plover), Dirijiri (Wagtail), Murrindum (Quail), Dumbal (Crow), Tamur (Bronze winged Pigeon), Burunda (Swan), Karani (Duck), Palona (Hawk) Brooks.

(0.65 km) Lady Carrington Drive gate (Willow Tree) to Gibraltar Rock
Walk: Easy - servicetrail
Length = 429 m Time = 8 mins
Climb = 6 m Descent = -11 m
Continue straight: From the intersection, this walk follows the 'Lady Carrington Drive' sign[43] around the locked gate[44] and along the management trail[45] (keeping the picnic area and river to the right). This walk winds along the trail gently uphill for about 400m to step onto the cobblestone section[fac=8102] below the overhanging Gibraltar Rocks[46] beside the picnic table[fac=8101].

Gibraltar Rock Alt = 5 m
Gibraltar Rock[47], Royal National Park, is a sandstone overhang found near the northern end of Lady Carrington Drive. The old road passes under the rocks and is home to a small section of sandstone cobblestone[48]. At this point, the old road offers great views of the Hacking River[49] and across to Wattle Forest picnic area. These and many other sandstone formations, together with the history, make this old road quite interesting to explore. There is a picnic table[fac=8101] under the overhang.

Drive from Audley Village car park
You can drive or ride from this end of this Bushwalk Parking fees apply in the area.
You can drive or ride from the end of this walk
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Plan your trip to --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

Getting there

Plan your trip to the start of the walk and back from the end of the walk

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Driving Directions
To the start of the walk

Drive from:
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Near by

Campsites in the park
Bonnie Vale camping ground
North Era camping ground
Uloola Falls camping ground

Nearest know Outdoor Stores near the start of this walk
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Engadine Disposal & Outdoor Centre Pty Ltd 1042 Old Princes Hwy, Engadine (02) 9520 3367 4.1 km
Paddy Pallin Adventure Equipment 587 Kingsway, Miranda (02) 9525 6829 6.2 km
Boots Great Outdoors 23 Koonya Cct, Caringbah (02) 9542 8988 7.8 km
Hurstville Disposals & Outdoor Centre 235 Forest Rd , Hurstville (02) 9580 4445 12.7 km
Ute Van & 4WD Accessory World Cnr King Georges & Moorefields Rds, Beverly Hills (02) 9758 2500 15.1 km

A list of the nearest UHF CB repeaters I found to Audley to Gibraltar Rock.
Channel Call sign
(more info)
Site Distance and dir from Audley to Gibraltar Rock
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1 SYD01 12/14 Ormonde Parade HURSTVILLE 12 km (to the NNE)
3 VMG3 Mine commsite WESTCLIFF COLLIERY 28 km (to the SW)
7 SYD07 7 Glamorgan St BLACKTOWN 35 km (to the NNW)
5 SYD05 Sydney Adventist Hospital 185 Fox Valley Rd WAHROONGA
Emergency use only
38 km (to the N)
6 VMB7 CB Repeater Site 16 Alan Rd BEROWRA HEIGHTS 52 km (to the N)

Weather and Park info

Fire Danger
This walk passes Greater Sydney Region fire area which currently has a LOW MODERATE rating and No fire ban in place.
(Tomorrow the Fire Danger Rating is LOW MODERATE, No fire ban.) (Downloaded 7 years ago)
Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate summary detailed weather and climate information here
°C (feels like °)
km/h from the
% humidity     (as at )
A graph displaying the average daily temperature range for the year

Royal National Park Link to official closures and fire bans page

Region: Sydney & Surrounds
Park fees Camping Facilities
Current Park Closure information for Royal National Park
Closure information last downloaded Sunday 27th of September 2015 07:00 AM
Closed areas: The Coast track upgrade
The Coast track will be undergoing construction works between Beachcomber Ave and Marley Beach over a 9 month period. Works include resurfacing, installation of raised board walk and stairs and will be undertaken between October 2015 and May 2016. During the works it will be necessary, at times, to close the Coast Track for visitor safety. Please be aware that during closures the full coast track walk will not be possible and you may need to plan your route to start and finish at a different location. The Royal National Park alerts page will be updated regularly so please check it before you leave home. Penalties apply for non-compliance. For more information, please contact Royal National Park area office on (02) 9542 0632 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page for park safety guidelines.

Closed areas: Wedding Cake Rock
Access to Wedding Cake Rock is prohibited. National Parks and Wildlife Service has undertaken a geotechnical assessment of the rock, which found that there is high chance that it could collapse at any time. Safety fencing has been erected to protect the public while a more permanent solution is developed. This is a really beautiful location and a spectacular rock formation to look at, but the key is doing it at a safe distance from the edge.

Safety alerts: Audley precinct in wet weather
Access across the Audley Weir may be closed due to river flooding during times of wet weather. During wet weather, NPWS advise park visitors to visit Live Traffic NSW to ascertain the status of the Weir crossing before commencing their travel to the park. During times of closure, access to Bundeena, Maianbar residential areas, Royal National Park Visitor Centre, including the Audley Dance hall and cafe, is via McKell Ave Waterfall.

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