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Bulgandry Engravings
Time: 20 mins Walking time
Includes the time for the return leg
Please allow extra time to rest and to explore
6.7 km NW of Woy Woy
Length: 0.8 km Walk Length
As this is a return style walk, the 0.8 km includes the return leg of this walk (ie back to the start)
Brisbane Water National Park
Climb: 19 m Total Climbing
This walk has a total cumulative climb of 19 m, this is the total of the elevation gains made in each of the walks uphill sections
There is car access and parking near the start and end of this walk
Style: Return
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible

This short walk follows a footpath to a large rock platform with some well-preserved Aboriginal engravings. Named after Bulgandry man, an ancestral hero and one of the more detailed engravings at the site, this is clearly a special place. The footpath gently winds through the bush before following a timber platform around the engravings. This walk is accessible for people in wheelchairs but it is important to note the path has deteriorated in some places, making it a bit bouncy. (open in app)

Today's Fire rating
LOW MODERATE (No fire ban)
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Map of Walk


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Map of Bulgandry Engravings
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Map Scale 500 meters
Bulgandry car park
Bulgandry Site intersection
Starting point for this hiking track: Bulgandry car park

Base maps are used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

Maps that cover the walk area (please always carry maps of the area)

Print a map and track notes here
 Gosford 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-91312S 
 Gosford 1:100 000 Map Series 9131 

Photo Gallery

Bulgandry car park
Bulgandry car park +
Timber chicane at start of Bulgandry track
Timber chicane at start of Bulgandry track +
Start of the Bulgandry track
Start of the Bulgandry track +

Hardened surface
Hardened surface +
Sealed surface a bit broken in places
Sealed surface a bit broken in places +
Grevillea sericea
Grevillea sericea +

Gum leaves
Gum leaves +
The Bulgandry walk
The Bulgandry walk +
Seed Pod
Seed Pod +

Distance valley views
Distance valley views +
Scribbly gum
Scribbly gum +
Walking between the gums
Walking between the gums +

Several information signs along the track
Several information signs along the track +
Actinotus minor (Flannel Flower)
Actinotus minor (Flannel Flower) +
Walking track to Bulgandry site
Walking track to Bulgandry site +

Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil)
Lambertia formosa (Mountain Devil) +
winding through the bush
winding through the bush +
Bulgandry Site platform
Bulgandry Site platform +

Timber platform around engravings
Timber platform around engravings +
Fish +
Bulgandry Man
Bulgandry Man +

A women
A women +
Kangaroo +
Signs on track to help better appreciate the engravings
Signs on track to help better appreciate the engravings +


Please note: This is a 'return' style walk and therefore these graphs only show the terrain for the first half of the walk (until the turn around point.)

Cross sectional view of the Bulgandry Engravings bushwalking track

Cross Section of the Bulgandry Engravings bushwalking track

Analysis and summary of the altitude variation on the Bulgandry Engravings bushwalking track

Summary of the gradients over the the lenght of the Bulgandry Engravings bushwalking track

Overview of this walks Grading - Based on the AS 2156.1 - 2001
These details are new. This new feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the 'Walker Feedback' for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. Hope you find it helpful.

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.
Length 800m
Time 20 mins

Grade 1/6

Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible
AS 2156.1 Gradient Flat, no steps (1/6)
Quality of track Smooth and hardened path (1/6)
Signs Clearly signposted (1/6)
Experience Required No experience required (1/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (1/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (1/6)
*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Some more detail of this walks Grading
Here is a bit more details explaining the grading looking at sections of the walk.
This whole walk, 400m is flat with no steps.

Quality of track
This whole walk, 400m follows a smooth and hardened path.

This whole walk, 400m is clearly signposted.

Experience Required
This whole walk, 400m requires no previous bushwalking experience.

This whole walk, 400m is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation).

This whole walk, 400m is close to useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats).

Track Notes

Since this is a 'return' style walk once you have had enough of the walk, turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.
Drive to Bulgandry car park
You can drive or ride to this start of this Bushwalk There is free parking available.
You can drive or ride to the start of this walk
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Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

(0 km) Bulgandry car park to Bulgandry Site intersection
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible - footpath
Length = 306 m Time = 6 mins
Climb = 9 m Descent = -5 m
From the north-east end of Bulgandry Road car park (signposted 'Bulgandry' on Woy Woy Road[1]), this walk leads through the timber chicane[fac=8115] and along the asphalt footpath. After about 20m the path narrows[fac=8116] as it leads between two trees. Soon after be aware of a 40cm drop[fac=8114] on both sides of the path. This walk continues along the winding footpath through the forest for another 35m where it then heads moderately steeply uphill for about 30m then starts heading gently downhill for the next 20m. The path leads gently uphill again for about 45m to then flatten out, offering beautiful views of the valley. After about 10m past the view this walk comes to a 'Welcome to Bulgandry Aboriginal Site' sign[2] (on the right). This walk soon heads gently uphill for about 30m to then flatten out after 10m. After the next 10m this walk passes signs 'Bulgandry Rock Art Site and Aboriginal Place'[3] and 'Links to the past'[4] (on the right). From here this path leads gently downhill for about 20m to come to the 'Stone as Canvas' sign[5]. After about 15m this walk starts to lead a bit steeper downhill for about 30m to reach the intersection with a track (on the right) marked by the 'Care of the Site' sign[6] (on the left).

Bulgandry Site Care Alt = 193 m
This site is home to some significant cultural artwork. The engravings have been here for centuries, and hopefully many more years to come. Please take care to stay on the boardwalk to avoid accidentally damage - simply touching the engravings may speed up the weathering process. The engravings are easier to photograph early morning or late afternoon (when the sun is low in the sky) and after rain.

(0.31 km) Bulgandry Site intersection to Bulgandry Aboriginal Site
Path: Easy - Wheelchair accessible - duckboard
Length = 94 m Time = 2 mins
Climb = 2 m Descent = -3 m
Turn left: From the intersection, this walk heads downhill along the footpath for about 10m to the timber platform. The walk turns right, heading anticlockwise around the rock platform for about 70m. There are numbered signs (2-10) on the path that provide some details on the individual engravings. The last engraving (number 10) is that of a man, Bulgandry, an ancestral hero[7].

Bulgandry Site Alt = 192 m
The Bulgandry Site has a number of very clear engravings. The timber path and signage help visitors discover the artworks. 'Bulgandry' is the name of an ancestral hero believed to be engraved at the rock (see item 10). Following are some of the items marked by NPWS.
1. A fish[8] (plaque now missing) 2. Another fish[9] 3. Eel[10] 4. Dolphin (or large fish)[11] 5. Woman and Kangaroo[12] [13] 6. Speared fish[14] 7. Kangaroo and octopus?[15] 8. Axe Grinding Grooves[16] 9. Canoe?[17] 10. Bulgandry Man[18]

Drive from Bulgandry car park
You can drive or ride from this end of this Bushwalk There is free parking available.
You can drive or ride from the end of this walk
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Getting there

Plan your trip to the start of the walk and back from the end of the walk

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Driving Directions
To the start of the walk

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Near by

Nearest know Outdoor Stores near the start of this walk
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Mannings Sports 172 Mann St , Gosford (02) 4325 1617 6.3 km
BCF Australia Pty Ltd 354 Manns Rd , Gosford West (02) 4322 5833 6.4 km
Camping World Shop 18, 482 Pacific Hwy, Wyoming (02) 4324 6515 8 km
Boots Great Outdoors 201 The Entrance Rd , Erina (02) 4367 0396 9.5 km
Paddlecraft 3B / 1714 Pittwater Road, Bayview 02 9997 8015 22.7 km

A list of the nearest UHF CB repeaters I found to Bulgandry Engravings.
Channel Call sign
(more info)
Site Distance and dir from Bulgandry Engravings
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8 MDC08 Gencom Site Lot 6 Wakefield Close KARIONG 2 km (to the NNE)
3 VMB2 Tower Street BATEAU BAY 19 km (to the ENE)
6 VMB7 CB Repeater Site 16 Alan Rd BEROWRA HEIGHTS 22 km (to the SW)
5 SYD05 Sydney Adventist Hospital 185 Fox Valley Rd WAHROONGA
Emergency use only
36 km (to the SSW)
7 SYD07 7 Glamorgan St BLACKTOWN 50 km (to the SW)

Weather and Park info

Fire Danger
This walk passes Greater Sydney Region fire area which currently has a LOW MODERATE rating and No fire ban in place.
(Tomorrow the Fire Danger Rating is LOW MODERATE, No fire ban.) (Downloaded 8 years ago)
Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate summary detailed weather and climate information here
°C (feels like °)
km/h from the
% humidity     (as at )
Wed      30°Showers. Likely storm developing.
Thu19°|26°Possible shower.
Fri18°|31°Partly cloudy.
Sat17°|25°Possible late shower.
A graph displaying the average daily temperature range for the year

Brisbane Water National Park Link to official closures and fire bans page
Brisbane Waters National Park is situated south west of Gosford perched on the Hawkesbury River. The park is characterised by sandstone features, Aboriginal engravings, flowery heaths, bird life and spectacular water views. Brisbane Waters NP has many bushwalks through the are with the Great North Walk passing through the middle of the park.
Region: Sydney & Surrounds
Park fees Camping Facilities I am not aware of any closures in this park at the moment.

Walker Feedback

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peter | 2010-09-05 06:29:15
a short walk that took me ages due to the wildflowers bloomimg profusely.

the carvings were very interesting and it was a nice spot to sit, enjoy the sun and time travel to pre-euro settlement.
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