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Ly-ee-moon Graveyard
Time: 30 mins Walking time
Includes the time for the return leg
Please allow extra time to rest and to explore
25.2 km SSE of Eden
Length: 0.5 km Walk Length
As this is a return style walk, the 0.5 km includes the return leg of this walk (ie back to the start)
Ben Boyd National Park
Climb: 8 m Total Climbing
This walk has a total cumulative climb of 8 m, this is the total of the elevation gains made in each of the walks uphill sections
There is car access and parking near the start and end of this walk
Style: Return
Walk: Easy

This short walk explores the somber and interesting heritage site of the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard. The graveyard covers quite a large area and is well signposted with information signs. The short walk is well worth the time, especially if you are in the area visiting the lighthouse. The sandy track passes through the dense bushland before opening up to the many unnamed graves. (open in app)

Today's Fire rating
LOW MODERATE (No fire ban)
  Bushwalking track notes photographs, maps and camping spots for Ly-ee-moon Graveyard

Map of Walk


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Map of Ly-ee-moon Graveyard
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Map Scale 500 meters
Green Cape Lighthouse Car park
Starting point for this hiking track: Ly-ee-moon Graveyard

Base maps are used under licence and is © Department of lands   Panorama Avenue Bathurst 2795

Maps that cover the walk area (please always carry maps of the area)

Print a map and track notes here
 Narrabarba 1:25 000 Map Series NSW-88232N 
 Green Cape 1:100 000 Map Series 8923 

Photo Gallery

Green Cape Lighthouse car park
Green Cape Lighthouse car park +
Green Cape car park sign
Green Cape car park sign +
Information sign on Light to Light walk
Information sign on Light to Light walk +

Track through thick vegetation
Track through thick vegetation +
Sandy track through the melaleuca
Sandy track through the melaleuca +
Ly-ee-moon graveyard sign
Ly-ee-moon graveyard sign +

Plaque in graveyard
Plaque in graveyard +
Ly-ee-moon graveyard
Ly-ee-moon graveyard +
Information sign at graveyard
Information sign at graveyard +


Please note: This is a 'return' style walk and therefore these graphs only show the terrain for the first half of the walk (until the turn around point.)

Cross sectional view of the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard bushwalking track

Cross Section of the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard bushwalking track

Analysis and summary of the altitude variation on the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard bushwalking track

Summary of the gradients over the the lenght of the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard bushwalking track

Overview of this walks Grading - Based on the AS 2156.1 - 2001
These details are new. This new feature still requires more testing and refining. Please use the 'Walker Feedback' for report specific issues. Please e-mail Matt if you have any general comments. Hope you find it helpful.

Under this standard, a walk is graded based on the most difficult section of the walk.
Length 490m
Time 30 mins

Grade 2/6

Walk: Easy
AS 2156.1 Gradient Gentle hills with occasional steps (2/6)
Quality of track Clear and well formed track or trail (2/6)
Signs Clearly signposted (1/6)
Experience Required No experience required (1/6)
Weather Weather generally has little impact on safety (1/6)
Infrastructure Generally useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats) (1/6)
*This summary of grading information is new and still in testing

Some more detail of this walks Grading
Here is a bit more details explaining the grading looking at sections of the walk.
This whole walk, 250m has gentle hills with occasional steps.

Quality of track
This whole walk, 250m follows a clear and well formed track or trail.

This whole walk, 250m is clearly signposted.

Experience Required
This whole walk, 250m requires no previous bushwalking experience.

This whole walk, 250m is not usually affected by severe weather events (that would unexpectedly impact safety and navigation).

This whole walk, 250m is close to useful facilities (such as fenced cliffs and seats).

Track Notes

Since this is a 'return' style walk once you have had enough of the walk, turn around and retrace your steps back to the start.
Drive to Green Cape Lighthouse Car park
You can drive or ride to this start of this Bushwalk A park entry fee is required for driving into the park.
You can drive or ride to the start of this walk
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Plan your trip from --> Castle Hill|Chatswood|Dural|Epping|Gosford|Hornsby|Katoomba|Manly|Parramatta|Penrith|Strathfield|Sutherland|Sydney|

Green Cape Alt = 26 m
Green Cape is a headland at the southern end of Ben Boyd National Park, forming the northern head of Disaster Bay. The cape's traditional owners are the people of the Yuin nation, from whom there remains evidence of a number of camps in the area. The cape was named 'Green Point' by Matthew Flinders in 1798. The area began its notorious fame in 1802 when eight of Flinders' crew disappeared when fetching water, in what he then appropriately named 'Disaster Bay'. The Imlay brothers and Boyd both established whaling business in the area in the early to mid 1800's, leaving several buildings in the park. There were many shipwrecks in the surrounding waters, the most famous being the SS Ly-ee-moon, whose victims are buried on the cape. The most visible feature on the cape is the 29-metre high lighthouse that is still operational today. NPWS run 1-hour tours of the site based on bookings [1]. There is a composting toilet at the car park at the end of Green Cape Road. Accommodation is also available in the renovated lighthouse keeper cottages.

(0 km) Green Cape Lighthouse Car park to Ly-ee-moon Graveyard
Walk: Easy - servicetrail
Length = 245 m Time = 4 mins
Climb = 3 m Descent = -5 m
From the intersection, this walk heads in the opposite direction to the 'Lighthouse Walkway' signs through the car park. The walk soon meets a bush track into the melaleuca and heath, which it follows to the signposted intersection of the Ly-ee-moon Graveyard.

Ly-ee-moon Graveyard Alt = 24 m
The Ly-ee-moon Graveyard is a stark reminder of the horrific accident on the night of May 31st, 1886, when 71 men, women and children lost their lives. The white stone and single cross marks the positions of the unnamed graves. The nearby plaque names the people who lost their lives - sadly some names where not known and these people are remembered only by comments such as 'one who had a German accent'.
During the dark night, the lighthouse keeper and assistant heroically rescued 16 people from the sea, and were left to listen to cries for help though the night of other people who could not be saved. The mother of Blessed Mary MacKillop, the first Australian to be beatified by the Catholic church, was one of those lost during the night.
The fast and normally reliable ship, operated by the Australian Steam Navigation Company, was a single screw ship converted from a paddle steamer when it was brought to Australia in 1876. The graveyard is about 300m north-west of the Green Cape lighthouse, which was operational at the time the SS Ly-ee-moon struck the reef and sunk. More info

Drive from Green Cape Lighthouse Car park
You can drive or ride from this end of this Bushwalk A park entry fee is required for driving into the park.
You can drive or ride from the end of this walk
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Getting there

Plan your trip to the start of the walk and back from the end of the walk

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Driving Directions
To the start of the walk

Drive from:
From the end of the walk

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Near by

Campsites in the park
Bittangabee campground
Saltwater Creek campground

Nearest know Outdoor Stores near the start of this walk
Store Address Phone Distance (straight line)
Gas Connection The Arthur Kaine Drv, Pambula (02) 6495 7121 39.8 km
Camping Plus 6 Alice St , Merimbula (02) 6495 2571 43.1 km
Barbeques Galore (Bega) 274 Carp St , Bega (02) 6492 4054 67.8 km
Camping Outdoors Centre 43 Vulcan St , Moruya (02) 4474 3081 150.4 km
Gone Fishin Cnr Ford & Queen Sts, Moruya (02) 4474 4381 150.2 km

A list of the nearest UHF CB repeaters I found to Ly-ee-moon Graveyard.
Channel Call sign
(more info)
Site Distance and dir from Ly-ee-moon Graveyard
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2 EDN02 PJ OBrien / Optus site BIMMIL HILL 31 km (to the NNW)
4 MCA04 DCNR / Ambulance Site MARAMINGO HILL 47 km (to the WSW)
3 MER03 CB Repeater Site Hill 217 5 km NNE of WYNDHAM 56 km (to the NW)
8 DEL08 O`Brien/Country Energy/Police Site MT DELEGATE 103 km (to the W)
5 VKE5 Broadcast Site EMERALD HILL
Emergency use only
103 km (to the NW)

Weather and Park info

Fire Danger
This walk passes Far South Coast fire area which currently has a LOW MODERATE rating and No fire ban in place.
(Tomorrow the Fire Danger Rating is LOW MODERATE, No fire ban.) (Downloaded 7 years ago)
Please Note: Each park may have its own fire ban, this rating is only valid for today and is based on information from the RFS Please check the RFS Website for more information.

Weather and Climate
Weather and Climate summary detailed weather and climate information here
°C (feels like °)
km/h from the
% humidity     (as at )
A graph displaying the average daily temperature range for the year

Ben Boyd National Park Link to official closures and fire bans page
Ben Boyd National park is on the NSW South Coast, near Eden. The park was named and established in 1971, in the honour of Benjamin Boyd (1801-1851). Ben Boyd National park protects a wonderful section of coast line from Pambula to Green Cape, split into two distinct sections, one north of Eden and the other south. The park is well known for its contrasting red rocks, whale sighting, Boyd Tower, Green Cape Lighthouse and associated history. Ben Boyd National park offers some great insights into recent European history, Indigenous occupation and natural history. The park provides two campsites some other great recreational experiences.
Region: South Coast & Highlands
Park fees Camping Facilities I am not aware of any closures in this park at the moment.

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