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Setting up Camp

Image Give yourself plenty of daylight to find a campsite and get setup. Use existing campsites where ever possible. Campsites should be 100m from water sources like creeks and on a durable surface.









l Always try to use existing campsites

l pick a spot that is

  ? safe

  ? on a durable surface

  ? 100m from water.

  • Use quality tents, and never dig trench or draining pits around the tent
  • Use off track behaviours when collecting water or finding a spot to cook
  • Minimise activity around the site.
  • Were soft shoes


Pre-trip planning

Pre planning is the key to many of the minimal impact techniques. Please consider the following points when planning, packing for and speaking to people about your trip.

  • Ensure each person in your group is understands and is committed to these behaviours
  • Plan to get to the campsite with plenty of light
  • Plan to stay at an established campsite
  • Pack quality tents and sleeping gear
  • Pack soft camp shoes


The rational


It is possible to measure the impact of a campsite a year after it was used (Even when used for just one night). It is best to use an existing campsite to keep the damage localised to a small area, rather than generating many camping scars.


100m from water

There are several reason for camping away from water. Firstly it minimise the chances of contaminating the water with disease or nutrients. It also allows a wildlife corridor making sure that animals can get to their water source without becoming to comfortable with humans. Finally it makes it easier to collect water without creating a new track.


Minimise activity around the campsite

Activity such as walking, running and playing games, compacts soil and can kill plants. So pick the most durable and already disturbed surface for any activity and keep to a minimum.


Soft Shoes.

Hard boots cause more damage to the ground you walk on when compared to softer shoes for several reasons – see keep on track rational for more info.

Your say

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Dingo Sharp - Power in Camp | 2010-10-23 02:58:36
I wish when peole go camping in the bush they would leave their generators at home there is nothing worse than being in camp in a nice quiet area of the bush enjoying the wildlife sounds and then a generator starts up dsiturbing all and sundry, and when you approach them nicely to ask them not use it all they can do is abuse you. The people if they want their TV's and DVD's should stay home.
James - Bushmaster | 2012-04-04 22:01:07
You should be more understanding - some people want to go out and camp but not return to the stone age! If you want to be nice, you could go over and give the spark plugs a good clean, they can get very dirty without the correct maintenance. A well cleaned spark plug can reduce the noise level dramatically.
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